Customized KL6LM-C Cordless Cap Lamp with Tracking BRANDO
  • Customized KL6LM-C Cordless Cap Lamp with Tracking BRANDO

Customized KL6LM-C Cordless Cap Lamp with Tracking BRANDO

High-performance Lithium Battery LED Cordless Mining Cap Lamp

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• Target light output minimum 6000 lux measured at 1 meter for a 12-hour shift.

• 4 push buttons – 1 push button to control the light, 1push button to control OLED display and 2 side push buttons to initiate emergency assistance request.


Unique to the cordless model is a back-lit display screen with battery life indication,

providing clear warning when recharge is required.


* Compact design

* Long life li-ion battery

* Easy push-button operation

* Anti-static durable housing

* Water resistant (IP68)

* Electrical short circuit protection

Correct Use:orrect Use:

The BRANDO cordless cap lamp is a mobile miner’s safety lamp.  
The device is attached to a safety helmet, designed to accommodate front mounted attachments, and its power source, battery and housing, is integreted into the cap lamp housing.

The device is primarily designed for underground mining activities and emergency services.



This product supports life and health in an underground environment. 

Inappropriate use, maintenance or tampering may affect the function of the device and  
therefore compromise the product’s ability to support life and protect against harm



When using the BRANDO Cordless Cap Lamp the following safety instructions must be observed: 
•  Device shall be operated by qualified personnel. 
•  Before each use, check the functionality of the device. 
•  Be aware of the procedures for handling electrostatically sensitive electronics, which include BRANDO cap lamps. 
•  This device contains electrostatically sensitive components. Do not open or repair the device without using appropriate electrostatic protection. 
•  Be aware of the warranty regulations. 
•  Do not charge in hazardous areas. 
•  Charge only with approved charging devices.


Waterproof, Fireproof and Drop Resistance Cap Lamp


Charger input power:

USB Charger: 5 VDC @ 2 Amp Single Charger (optional): 12VDC – 24VDC @ 2 AmpCharger Rack Available    


 Application of Brando Miner Lamp

Suitable for explosive gas environment zone 1, zone 2 locations; 

Suitable for combustible dust environment 20 zone, 21 zone and 22 zone places; 

Suitable for A, II B, II C explosive gas environment; 

Suitable for: indoor, outdoor 1.8-3.5 meters in height;

Technical parameters:
Light source1pcs main light and 2pcs auxiliary lights
Battery capacity6.8Ah
Rated Voltage3.7V
Main light current300mA
Power of the main light1W
Brightness of the main light 6000lux
Life span for main LED 100000hours
Battery cycles 1200 cycles
Working time 20 hours
3 Levels LightStrong light- auxiliary lights- SOS
Weight  210g
Water-proof grade IP68


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