BRANDO 3000K color temperature LED strip lighting

Aug. 14, 2021

BRANDO 3000K color temperature strip lighting for sauna and steam rooms
24VDC, 10W/M, 60LEDs, SMD5050

Sauna Flexible LED Light is a silicone encased LED flex light. Specially manufactured and designed to operate in high temperature, high humidity environments, ideal for enhancing the atmosphere in saunas and steam rooms.

They feature built-in constant current design to control temperature rises.


These flex lights are easily installed and require no added heat or moisture protection, operating perfectly in temperatures up to 80°C and relative humidity levels of 100%.

LED strip lights have revolutionized the lighting world. From being highly efficient to longer life cycles the benefits of LED strips is one of today’s technologies breakthroughs. A led strip light is a flexible circuit board of LEDs that can be mounted to virtually any surface that you’re looking to add influential lighting. LED strips are available in a range of colors and brilliance.

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