Brighter lighter and longer lasting miners cap lamp

Nov. 11, 2020

  Things are getting brighter and smarter in underground mines, Brando company that is providing a new all-in-one cap lamp technology for miners. the lamp is self-contained and cordless, meaning the lamp is not attached to a battery that would be attached to the miner’s belt.

  This cap lamp is the brightest available and will run for approximately 20 hours with a re-charge. The thing about these cap lamps is that we have charging racks available but they can also charge via a USB cord just like your cell phone, So for contractors and supervisors who aren’t going into the mine as often, they are able to keep their own lamp independent of the charging rack and always have it ready to go based on the USB charger available in their vehicle or on the desktop. The new cordless lights are a far change from the iconic corded lights, which include a heavy lead-acid battery attached to the miners' belt and a meter-long wire attached to the light, which is attached to the miners' helmets.

  The newer lamp has two settings, one being bright and the other being extremely bright. A brighter setting is provided for when miners need to inspect something more closely, such as ground conditions when they’re scaling. What we found about the brightness setting is you better not use it when you’re looking at your partner, because you’re going to blind him. So you keep 'er on low, because that’s all you need.

Brighter lighter and longer lasting miners cap lamp

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