Two Ways To Improve The Safety Of Open Pit Mines

Oct. 09, 2019

Mining companies have two ways to improve the safety of open pit mines

Ensure that the construction of the mine matches the design

In recent years, the coordination of mine design has become extremely important, and more and more companies are beginning to realize its importance. This process is used to ensure that the construction of the mine is as close as possible to the safety and productivity parameters in the mine design. Complex software tools that use data from 3D laser scanners that allow geotechnical engineers and surceyors to measure slope angles and capture tank capacity to meet these specifications. Errors can be identified and fixed through regular scans, and many times can be done in real time.

Monitor areas where earthmoving events may occur

If there is coordination between operation and design, there may still be some security risks. A variety of factors can cause earth-moving events in areas that are susceptible to landmines. In this case, you may need to follow up. Techniques such as positioning can measure and monitor such motion, detect trends and identify potential faults. In essence, such solutions provide operators with an early warning that they have the opportunity to move people and machines to a safe location before landlides or gravel can occur.

Two Ways To Improve The Safety Of Open Pit Mines

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