Led explosion-proof waterproof silicone strip light

Apr. 18, 2020

  Why we want to add the strip light to silicone inside, because of the transparency of silicone is good, the qualitative softer, won't produce damage to the strip light. And silicone itself has a good degree of insulation and sealing effect, it can prevent electric shock and water leakage, play a special step to the protection of the strip light, silicone itself can also do a variety of colors, under the illuminate of lamplight, it can let the strip light become more gorgeous.

Compared with traditional light source, LED strip light has the following advantages:

  • It is soft and can be bent;

  • It can cut and butt joint;

  • Because its light source and circuit are completely wrapped with soft silicone material, it has good insulation and waterproof performance, and it is safe to use;

  • Its climate adaptability is strong, not easy to break, long service life, without frequent replacement.

    Led explosion-proof waterproof silicone strip light

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