New cordless cap lamp came out

Jul. 03, 2019


As the integration of on site technologies continues to improve, the clients request more functions to keep employee’s safe. Cap lamps are more than just a source of light, however; they play a significant role in an individual's safety.

The first batch new cap lamp KL6-A finished 48hrs aging test in yesterday. Before mass production, BRANDO R & D team takes 3 months on testing. High - Low Temperature Test, Thermal Shock, Salt Fog Test, Drop Shock, Waterproof Test, Standby Test, Aging test. 

KL6-A with 25000lux brightness, 5 levels with LO - MI - HI - AL - SOS.

OLED display LOGO, battery capacity, date, time and serial number

USB charger or single charger are available, charger rack accept customized version with different unit ports.

No matter how difficult it is, we never give up developing new products for our clients.

The New Miner's Lamp in Charging And Discharging

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