Five Functions Of Led Mine Lamp In Deep Well Mining

Jul. 01, 2019

      Five Functions Of BRANDO miner cap lamp In Deep Well Mining

  • Lighting

   Once inside the mine, it is dark and people couldn't see anything in the dark, therefore,lighting equipment is essntial in the mine. The time it takes miners to enter a mine is so long that ordinary lighting is not suitable for absenteeism. Brando's engineers give priority to calculating the working time of each lamp when they design, each type of lamp has a working time of more than 12 hours, up to 18 hours, while the charging time is only 4-7 hours.

  • Rescue

  Mining is very dangerous, and accidents may occur at any time, such as collapse and hypoxia poisoning. Every type of mining lamp in Brando is equipped with SOS system, if absenteeism occurs in underground mine, SOS signal can be acticated immediately.

Five Functions Of Led Mine Lamp In Deep Well Mining

  • Water-proof

  In the process of mining , underground water is likely to be excavated, and ordinary lighting equipment will short-circuiting when encountering water. The mine lamp of Brando is waterproof, with the waterproof grade reaching IP68, and it can work as usual even 1 meter of water.

  • Explosion-proof

  Explosion is also a kind of dangerous accident, Brando's mine lamp is explosion-proof, no matter it is striked by crushed stone or working in ultra-low temperature environment, our mine lamp will not be damaged.

  • Corrosion-proof

  Ordinary lighting shouldn't be uesd in mines for long time because there is a lot of corrosive gas underground, Brando's lamps are corrosion-proof.

Five Functions Of Led Mine Lamp In Deep Well Mining

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